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Cressi Gara Team Carbon HF 2.0 Fins

ABH 108736
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New version of GARA CARBON CRESSI TEAM, intensely tested and evolved by the Cressi Team


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New version of GARA CARBON CRESSI TEAM, intensely tested and evolved by the Cressi Team, which modifies compared to the previous version, the blade surface (12% greater), the length (4cm longer), a new progressive angle of 29º and a new distribution of carbon panels and reinforcement areas.

A fin that has been unanimously acclaimed by all types of users and that allows a very precise adaptation to all types of user profiles and fishing action with its 10 possible combinations.

Five hardness levels: XLD, LD, MD, HF, XHF with an average difference of 8% between one version and the next. These five versions allow a radical advantage of adaptation to different types of user and especially to different systems and circumstances of use.

Foot pocket-blade fitting area (especially delicate in terms of fracture possibilities) with several technologies to minimize risks. Hole for the assembly screws made with a mould, not mechanized, to minimize the possibility of breakage at this point. Progressive foot pocket-blade angulation zone.

  • Variable profile from a maximum thickness of 2.5mm in the area where the foot pocket fits up to 1mm at the end with 7 different phases.
  • 100% industrial construction by vacuum infusion at high temperature to eliminate any possibility of microbubbles in the structure and obtain a very compact and reactive blade.
  • Combination of bidirectional flexing carbon blades with high stress resistance blades reinforced with unidirectional flexing carbon.
  • Exclusive pure carbon made with 12,000 thread count (12 k) strands. This carbon allows an extremely resistant construction with a minimum number of sheets due to its high density.
  • Angulation of the blade of 29º progressive (10 cm of arc). Studied placement of the angle so that the position of the blade is an extension of the tibia without the need to force the instep. This feature relaxes various muscles of the leg and foot during fluttering with a notable increase in comfort and a reduction in fatigue and lactate accumulation.
  • Mirror shiny mold finish in the upper area to minimize the need for resin thickness. Rear area of ??the blade with a completely virgin matt finish to provide maximum camouflage capacity while waiting or stalking.
  • One-piece TPU profiles with rib fixing guide, blade side protection and anti-skid spoilers.
  • Foot pocket in two versions: Modular, traditional with long horns and Turbo with short horns. The blade is calibrated to work perfectly with both foot pockets, with an approximate difference in total stiffness of 10% and different features detailed in the comparative table.



  • Light gray camouflage with yellow logo.
  • It requires 1,463 kg of load to be fully folded (with Gara Modular foot pocket).
  • Nervous but smooth, its structure and thickness distribution identify it as a very fast fin for long movements on the surface or in mid-water with very little muscle consumption.
  • Its great rebound and its studied blade surface make it versatile also to start from the bottom, even at depth, with surprising ease if the weighting is correct and the user has a good finning technique.
  • It would also be the ideal version for amateur level apnea-snorkeling.
  • Can be used with short horns for DYN dynamic apnea in the pool or in deep CWT


  • Monkfish camouflage in green tones with a silver-turquoise logo.
  • It requires 1,587 kg of load to be fully folded (with Gara Modular foot pocket).
  • Version proposed for fishing for users who carry out prolonged navigation in waters without large breakers and for descents to medium or medium high depths with high rhythm.
  • Perfect for constant weight fishing if the user also makes long trips across the surface.


  • Camou original monkfish skin tone with silver-orange logos
  • It requires 1,733 kg of load to be folded to the limit (with Gara Modular foot pocket).
  • The most versatile of the range in case you intend to use it in different types of fishing with an excellent power-speed-muscular fatigue ratio.
  • It allows to be used in the surf with a good reactivity to get out of the wave with few flutter cycles.
  • It also works well for fishing at any depth in Mediterranean waters even with current, depth with constant or variable weight and is quite energy-saving for travel.


  • Monkfish camouflage in brown tones with silver and red logos.
  • It requires 1,842 kilos of cargo to be folded to the limit (with Gara Modular foot pocket).
  • High power fin for deep constant weight fishing and fishing in strong sea areas including extreme breakers.
  • It can be perfectly used by fishermen who like to feel the fin and tear the surface from the bottom with great forcefulness in any ballast condition.
  • It also allows swimming on a relatively restful surface.


  • Black-white anglerfish camouflage with gold logos.
  • It requires 2,113 kg of load to be folded to the limit (with Gara Modular foot pocket).
  • High power fin for fishermen with great leg power and/or wingspan who fish mainly at constant weight from a boat or in rough seas.
  • Ideal for freediving Safetys as it guarantees great drag power for a possible injured freediver.
  • It is also ideal for divers who use long fins for diving, especially in currents or long journeys.

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